I grew up a fan of the grunge and rock scene; Pearl Jam, Nirvana and Social Distortion ruled my musical tastes. Soon I found myself drawn into 80’s bands like Depeche Mode, R.E.M. and The Cure. Music was more than just listening to the radio, it became an obsession. By the late 90’s it was full blown, and an opportunity presented itself to DJ a party in the mountains when a DJ no showed. With the venues terrible equipment and minimal experience, I did well and the party was a big hit. I was hooked and knew sharing music was for me. Mix tapes, equipment and throwing parties became a weekly routine. As the equipment got better, dances and weddings soon followed. By the time it was 2001, I had enrolled in college for recording arts and live audio mastering – even mastering my cousins bands LP and getting them airplay on northern California radio.

At this point, a new obsession began to take over: electronic dance music. The first mix I ever heard was Paul van Dyk live on BBC Radio 1 from 1999. ATB, Darude, DJ Quicksilver, Gigi D’Agostino, Sasha & Digweed – this was all the early stuff for me. I needed more dance music, more equipment, more events! It happened that I made good connections in college and self taught myself dance music mixing on turntables. First dance gigs were in San Diego from 2004 to 2006. I played LA nightclubs by early 2007, and OC’s biggest venues starting in 2008. I have now been on the radio three times, been featured on podcasts as far away as Boston, and produced over a dozen bootlegs. I love to DJ all sorts of events, and sharing music is still just as fun as ever!

DJ Influences: Richard Blade, Rodney Bingenheimer, Swedish Egil, Pete Tong, Paul van Dyk

First Major DJ Concert: Pete Tong

Born: 10 Oct 1982 (age 37)

Birthplace: Killeen, TX  USA

Hometown: Yorba Linda, CA  USA

Equipment: Pioneer CDJ, Technics turntables

Occupation: DJ, MC, sound engineer, production lighting

Years Active: 2001-Present

Married (2010-Present)

Children (2, ages 5 and 7)


  • 2007-2008: Monsoon, Santa Monica “Shangri-La”
  • 2008: Forbidden City, Hollywood “Forbidden Fridays”
  • 2008-2009: 3-Sixty Lounge, Laguna Niguel “Elevation”
  • 2009: Heat Ultra Lounge, Anaheim “Empire Thursday”
  • 2011-2012: 7 Seas, Garden Grove “Flaunt Friday”
  • 2011-2016: Auld Dubliner, Tustin “Dubdrenaline”
  • 2016: The Crow Bar, Corona Del Mar “Social Thursdays”

Events & Venues 

  • 2004: “Neo Festival” San Diego
  • 2004: The Beach, Las Vegas
  • 2005: “The Underground”, Temecula
  • 2006: Fluxx, San Diego
  • 2008: “Lei Out” Santa Monica
  • 2008: “Rhythm Industry” Norwalk
  • 2008: Dr. Freeclouds Vinyl Day
  • 2008: “Guitar Hero 4” Santa Monica
  • 2008: “Club O” Fullerton
  • 2009: “NYE OC” Costa Mesa Hilton
  • 2009, 2011: “Riders of the Plastic Groove” 88.9FM KUCI Irvine
  • 2009: Sandbox, HB
  • 2009: Blanca
  • 2009: Ten Waterfront
  • 2009: Red Nightclub
  • 2011: “White Hot Party” Auld Dubliner
  • 2011: “HalloSCREAM” Auld Dubliner
  • 2011: “House of Hearts” 7 Seas
  • 2011: NYE, 7 Seas
  • 2012: Industry Night, Auld Dubliner
  • 2012: Indepen’dance’  Auld Dubliner
  • 2012: HalloSCREAM, Auld Dubliner
  • 2013: St. Paddy’s Day, Auld Dubliner
  • 2013: HalloSCREAM, Auld Dubliner
  • 2013: NYE, Ten Waterfront Newport´╗┐
  • 2014: St. Paddy’s 4-Days, Auld Dubliner
  • 2014: HalloSCREAM, Auld Dubliner
  • 2014: NYE, Auld Dubliner
  • 2015: St. Paddy’s Day, Auld Dubliner
  • 2015: Epilepsy Walk OC
  • 2015: NYE, Auld Dubliner
  • 2016: St. Paddy’s Day, Auld Dubliner
  • 2016: NYE, Auld Dubliner
  • 2017: The Fifth, Anaheim
  • 2018: Canyon Hills Friends Church (Sanctuary lighting operator, lead)